14 Laws of a Quality Life

Bungee Jumping on Victoria Falls

14 Laws of a quality life will show you how to live a quality life where you can do all the daring things you have always wished for in life.

A quality life is characterized by long periods of good health and success.

What is your description of a quality life?

At the workplace it is described as one where there is balance between your work life and social life. Such that you are in a position where you have as little stress as possible from both aspects.

At personal level, what do you call quality life?

On a scale of 1-5 (1 being lowest) how do you rate on these Laws of a Quality life?

1. eating and enjoying food

2. achieving things in your life that mean something to you

3. having a memory that is working and not failing you

4. being able to sleep soundly at night

5. taking a walk without pain

6. having quantity and quality time with your family

7. Lots of vibrant energy

8. creativity through effective use of your sexual energy

9. having the luxury of taking a walk in the woods with no fear of anything

10. a happy and positive outlook towards life and positive mentally too

11. an ability to handle stress, or fear without panicking

12. ability to treat your body with respect

13. experiencing the joy of overall health with a body that works well for your lifestyle

14. A heavy dose of daily optimism

You can now go and improve the areas that need improving. Now you know.

Knowing is a great cure and remedy to our lives if we want to live a quality life with the vitality and agility of a tiger

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