7 Steps to Success

These 7 Steps to Success will guide you towards a life that is not only organized and successful but also much fulfilled

I have a personal compelling belief in my inner voice that prompts me along. I take little steps that eventually lead me to take big giant steps. Call it quantum faith leaping, but it helps me unleash the power of manifesting anything I want in my life.

Here are the simple but not simplistic steps:

1. Know what you want. - if you are not sure start by stating your dream, your desire or passion in life.

2. Get an exercise, a habit, a technique, or a ritual that will help your positive knowing stay and remain clear and positive

3. Explore yourself until you know who you are by constantly pursuing knowledge: are you a success, a leader? Are you at an age that you feel productive or fruitful, meditative, hopeful or anticipative?

4. Know or have solutions to your problems. Be self reliant. Do you feel like you know the solutions to your problem and all you need is somebody, or a life coach to validate you?

5. Learn to use your 6 intellectual factors: imagination, memory, intuition, perception, reason and will

6. Be grateful- your dream will come true faster when you plant it like a seed into God’s creative Intelligence. Stay expectant and grateful as you watch your seed germinate and grow. Feel already in possession of the good that you desire

7. Stay in touch with yourself.

Use your techniques of impact to stay in touch with yourself and to affect and influence your subconscious mind to success:

• emotional impact- being in touch with your emotions and feelings

• Visual Impact- see your heart’s desire in color. Use your mind’s eye

• Affirming impact- state positively to yourself repeatedly and frequently about yourself and your desires

• Repetitive impact- do this over a period of time

These steps should put you in the success mode of:

- Thinking and creating

- Conceiving

- Believing and gratitude

- Achieving

No life ever grows until it is focused, dedicated and disciplined

The more crystal clear your understanding of who you are on all levels ( body, mind, heart and spirit) , the greater your platform for success in life in all aspects.

The better your understanding of yourself, the greater the chances of becoming the great YOU that you were meant to be.

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