Coaching Using Teleconferencing

Coaching using teleconferencing can be interesting.

A teleconference is a telephone or video meeting between participants in two or more locations

Teleconferencing has become one of the world’s most valuable tools for business globally. Coaching using teleconferencing is also catching up. At the touch of a button individuals from the corporate world can be chatting away as if they were merely in an office down the hall.

The necessity for a fast and cheap method of bringing business people together at a moments notice may have been what gave birth to Teleconferencing.

This is a coaching technique which allows three or more people to have a ‘conference’ either through their telephones or computers and not face-to-face. It is becoming increasingly popular and has several advantages over the more traditional meeting.

The sheer logistics which go into booking venues and hotels, flights, limousines and so on are no more... including not being bother about co-ordinating the participants available dates.

When coaching using teleconferencing, the hardest part is connecting everyone by phone! Wherever they are even if they are traveling or even driving you can put them all together!

Whether it is a three way impromptu discussion or a larger, more complicated, meeting, you can use an ordinary phone or the whole set-up can be routed through a conference calling service like skype, yahoo or any professional teleconferencing organization.

Whichever system, or online arrangement you choose to use, it is clear that teleconferencing is an invaluable tool in today’s hectic business world.


Start on time. Yes, that sounds very simple...but I assure you it is not simplistic.

The point is saving costs on traveling and accommodation and so waht is the point if you waste time for everyone who is attending? Remember the old saying ‘time is money’ and try to stay strictly to the timetable.

Make sure everyone dials in on time. Again, no point in having all those people sitting around just because of a late phone call.

When it is your turn to speak, state your name so that your voice will begin to be recognized. People should be concerned about what you are saying and not wasting effort trying to figure out who said what!

Above all else, try to get people involved with the subject matter. It can be difficult to judge how a meeting is being perceived when you don’t have the luxury of observing body language.

Steer the proceedings in a useful and interesting way to ensure full participation of all the attendees. You don't want a situation where you are holding a meeting and afterwards all anybody remembers is how bored they were!

Communicate to the participants well beforehand what the objective of the meeting is - send them the agenda or course outline.

- outline what you expect them to contribute.

- Give them work books in advance for written exercises

During and after the meeting state the decisions and conclusions that have been reached so that everyone is very clear on the progress being made.

One of the tricks of keeping a session or meeting interesting is to use "moving" images or audio recordings to interest and stimulate participants. Ask questions at the end of each clip to ensure full audience participation.

A participant will be more likely to concentrate if he knows a question will follow. This may sound a little "schoolish" but better this than wasting resources on inattentive attendees!

A virtual whiteboard is also another great tool to get people involved. It not only makes for ease of showing sketches in real-time, it also allows others to add their own input to the board for all to see. This is then captured by the computer for use and archiving later.

Recording devices are invaluable in these situations since they accurately record conversations and question and answer sessions.

They can also be used to transcribe events of the meeting. This also keeps people on the alert since they may want to show "the boss or coach" that they were actively involved or just for revision purposes.

Most importantly, coaching teleconferences should be interesting and informative. Although they save the expense of hotel and venue bookings, flights and travel and such issues, they can end up becoming hours of wasted time which defeats the objective of an effective coach.

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