Beyond Meditation

Beyond Meditation-Secrets of An Ancient Powerful Technique

I am not an expert meditation coach and so I bring you Mary Rivas though her article that will take you beyond…yes beyond meditation.

If you are interested in taking your meditation to next level, this is for you

Throughout history, shamans and other wise men and women of knowledge have possessed the power to journey deep within to tap the universal source of information and wisdom. Shamans have always known that the answers we seek can be found within. Bypassing the stumbling blocks of the outer, material world, they perfected techniques of accessing higher mind levels to find answers, gain insights and achieve profound understandings.


The shamanic journey is a technique for accessing higher mind levels to get answers on questions that are important to you, to gain insights and achieve profound understandings. It is a great tool also to use for training the body and mind to enter deep states of total relaxation. At a minimum, you will learn how to release stress and to help heal your total being.


A shamanic journey enables you to enter a meditative type state, but it is not really "meditation" as meditation is understood and used today. Most meditations are limited or ineffective. Common meditation practices require the person to sit or lie still, and when deeper levels of meditation are reached, the person falls asleep or is nearly comatose. Also typical meditation practices can not be used in a dynamic, moving way.

A journey is not an end result, but a bridge to the higher self---a force that is always there to guide us. The objective is to avoid getting stuck on the bridge, as is the case with common meditations. You want to cross this bridge between the sub-conscious mind and the higher mind. Once you do, you need to be active rather than passive. That is, you want to ask for guidance, answers and any help that you deeply desire in your life.


Before beginning a journey, you are advised to focus on a specific question or a subject that you need help with. Your questions can range from the sublime, such as asking what you can do to become enlightened, to the most practical, such as asking about a work related issue.

Have a purpose for your journey. Imagine that you are going to talk to a very old wise man or woman. You will want to be patient, respectful, calm and receptive to everything this wise being has to say.

You can pose your question in one of these ways: • Will this job offer be a wise decision for me and my family? • How will the problems in my relationship be resolved? • How can I make money in an easier and stress-free way that brings me greater happiness?

How A Typical Journey Is Done

Here's a brief description of how a typical shamanic journey is done: When you are first learning to journey, you sit down or preferably lie down in a relaxing space. In the beginning, it is best to close your eyes and have relaxing music in the background to help you focus. You are guided to follow a relaxation process that includes breathing exercises and releasing body tension. You then imagine a place in nature, such as a forest or desert, where you walk down a path until you reach an entrance, such as a cave opening or an arch that is part of the earth. Once you walk through the entrance, you are guided to use all your senses as you enter a deeply relaxed state. As you journey, you pose a question that is important to you. By accessing a higher mind state, you access messages, insights and guidance that you may not access during normal waking states.

It is advisable to follow a step-by-step guide when you are first learning to journey. Once you train your mind to do shamanic journeys, you can journey by yourself at any time and any place, even while you walk.

The shamanic journey is used for communicating with your higher self--with Spirit. It is practiced to retrieve information from the higher realms of the mind. From ancient times, shamans have used the process of journeying to travel within to access answers, insights, guidance and help from the spiritual realm.

To learn more about shamanic journeying and a free bonus e-book on journeying visit Unlimited Inner offers free audios and resources that will help you discover how to use powerful ancient shamanic wisdom and modern scientific knowledge about the powers of the mind to change your entire life for the better.

Author's Bio

Mary Rivas, is the founder of, a website that provides resources, many of which are free, to empower people emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. Mary has a degree in psychology and has studied with shamans for over ten years. Unlimited Inner Power teaches people how to use ancient wisdom and powerful mind empowerment techniques to make life transforming changes.

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