Cabbage Soup Wisdom

My cabbage soup wisdom comes along way. When my children were growing up, I always had trouble persuading them to eat up their cabbage. As is common with school age children, there was always an unconscious competition between me and the teachers.

" I say eat up your cabbage" and the children would almost in unison go..."but teacher said it is 90% water". I had no trouble with the greens...but cabbage!

Yet today with age and experience wisdom, cabbage is considered a diet for quite a number of ailments including cancer.

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Stuart never stops amazing me with nuggets of wisdom. Here he goes on cabbage soup.

Why Cabbage Soup Is Considered as the Best Weight Loss Product

By Stuart Michael 

Most of the people who are scared of weight loss techniques, visualize it as living without diet and doing repeatedly heavy round of exercises. However, the real picture is entirely different and includes a proper dietary plan along with moderate exercise schedule. A cabbage soup dietary plan is one of the most successful weight loss procedures and can lead to a reduction in the body weight by nearly 20 pounds in just a week if followed according to the schedule.

Cabbage soup is prepared by boiling a mixture of cabbage, onions, tomatoes peppers, carrots, green beans and fresh herbs such as dill, sage or parsley.

Together it is a powerful combination and works effectively in removing the waste material from the body. The mixture has anti-toxic properties and burns away the fat very quickly. In addition the diet is complemented with low calorie supplements, to ensure that the energy requirements are partially fulfilled by the supplements and majorly contributed by the fat content in the body. It is also favored by a psychological reason, as soups are a signal of incoming heavy food. So the appetite of body increases after soup, and thus the excess requirement is fulfilled by the un-burnt stored energy modules.

Cabbage soup delivers fast results; however the effects are temporary and in most cases observed with a sudden addition in the body mass. Also this plan is not for children, as energy requirements are different in the growing age of children. It is not a long term solution and should be followed as advised by the doctors. After one week the results does not vary much, if someone follows it continuously. As a standard procedure cabbage soup diet should not be taken more than 4 times in a year and once every 3 months for normal functioning of the body organs.

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