Dream Careers

Landing our dream careers is not that easy if we don't know what we want in the first place.

With internet and online studies, it is much easier these days than it was say ten years ago.

We have suggestions for your dream career. It may not be what you are looking for. Our hope is that it opens your eyes to markets that you had not thought of. You can become an eye specialist or a Medical Assistant or a Physical Therapist or whatever it is your dream career is. You can become. Add a few skills, be open minded and willing to change and you will soon land your dream career.

Erik Jonhson will now take you through how to become a Physical Therapist.

How to Become a Physical Therapist

By Erik Johnson

So you're wondering how to become a physical therapist. This could be the first step to a very rewarding career that has an excellent job outlook and room for growth. Physical therapist jobs come with many different career options, ranging from private practice to working in an office to being part of the staff at a hospital or fitness center. The following career information should help you determine how to become a physical therapist and decide whether the job is right for you.

The degrees needed to become a physical therapist vary depending on what your career goals are and how long you're willing to spend in school. There are some technical school programs for physical therapy that will prepare you for an assistant or a technician job, but if you want to become a true physical therapist, you'll need a bachelor's degree. Many people also choose to get a master's degree in physical therapy, which will open up your career options and increase your salary potentials. The coursework in these degree programs will include biology, chemistry, physics and a variety of other subjects.

The field of physical therapy is highly competitive, so it would be wise to do more than simply pass your classes while you're in college. It would be wise to complete an internship, get excellent grades and polish your interpersonal skills, so you'll be ready to deal with patients under stress as well as excel during your job interviews. You should also decide early on what area you want to specialize in, so you can gain skills, knowledge and practice in that area. Areas such as neurology, pediatrics or sports medicine may also have different degree and certification requirements.

Upon graduation, you will need to pass the mandatory licensure exam, and then you can begin seeking work. The median expected salary for a typical physical therapist with a moderate level of experience in the United States is $71,181. The average range is approximately $65,000 to $77,000. This job will be around as long as people are injuring themselves and suffering debilitating conditions, though, so there will always be a need for more physical therapists.

For more information on how to become a physical therapist in your area, you may want to speak with someone who is working as a physical therapist in your field of interest.

Find top Schools here: www.healthdegreesu.com/Allied health schools which offer Physical Therapy Assistant and Technicians Physical Therapy Technician Courses

While David Mccoy will show you how to become an accountant.

Accountants for Help in Any Field

By David C. Mccoy

Be it any industry, all the businesses need an accountant. Even though the large corporate houses or small businesses have trained professionals who are skilled to deliver the service effectively, it is important to have a finance expert to take care of the expenses incurred. Hence, many of the companies have a dedicated finance department or an independent chartered accountant hired to manage their finance. Usually, in a firm there is an accounts team that looks at the flow of the money. However, people prefer professional and experienced chartered accountants, who act as tax advisers, and provide audit and accounting service. The experts also take care of business problems as well as manage the flow of the money. If you have a property business and want a specialised chartered accountant, then you can look over the net and find a firm that has a committed property accountant team.

Many a times, property transactions are difficult to handle. Hence, the person, who is not from a finance or accounts background, finds it a troublesome or a daunting task. At times, the real estate agents are unaware of several methods in which the property can be exploited. Thus, the property account comes into the picture and helps in planning and consequently maximising the return on investment. The specialised property accountant does not only serve the service to the real estate agents but also in residential, commercial and retail sectors. The professional gives a helping hand to developers, investment companies, construction companies and other related service providers.

You will get assistance in forming new companies and the statutory affairs, organising joint ventures and deals, property financing, evaluating capital allowances and tackling VAT matters.

Well, the same firm would also have trained professionals as media accountant and even charity accountant. So, if you are someone who runs a media house and need general accounting and tax services, then media accountant is available at your service. The professional will provide the necessary knowledge on new ventures, generate new strategies for the management and development of your business, and minimise the tax burden. Be assured of receiving personal tax planning, international tax services and VAT consultancy as well.

For charitable trust, the charity accountant will provide counseling on all the financial aspects required to run a non-profit organisation. The experienced accountant will also guide in tax implications of charity trading. In case, you want to come up with an NGO, then you can seek help from the charity accountant for necessary advices and services.

The accountant service firm also has medical accountant who practices accounts in the medical field, provides in-depth advice in capital gains tax mitigation, bookkeeping and accounting systems, budgeting, forecasting and cashflow. With the accountant services and tax advices, the medical accountant ensures that the doctors, surgeon or any other medical practitioners can concentrate on other important work.

So, what are you waiting for? Look for the accountant who is specialised in your sector. The expert will enable you to have free time for doing what you are specialised in.

Josephine C. Leblanc is the author of this article on Medical accountant.
Find more information about Media accountant here.

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