Enjoy Your Life

How can one enjoy life with all the negativity around? With all the poverty that surrounds us?

It is possible to enjoy your life regardless. Look around and you will see more people who are enjoying life more than those who are not.

Have you achieved your dreams? Have you at least become better so far this year? Check again, there is always something to feel good about.

Nothing looked impossible when we were young. The "when I grow up I want to be…" was heard all over.

What happened when we became adults? Where did our faith go and everything began to appear impossible? Where did all the time go until all we say these days is that we do not have time for this or that? Where did all the faith we had in ourselves go such that it is not rare to hear someone say that a certain achievement was not meant for them? "It was not meant to be..."

As adults we have been through love, trust, integrity, that made us feel on top of the world. Remember the song “I am on the, top of the world looking…”

We have also been through betrayals, disappointments and failures that leave us empty, frustrated and with little or no belief in others and ourselves. We reach a point where we are just happy to be alive and to be where we are and what we have become. Have you recently said a hello to somebody…? ”How are you today?” and got the answer…”Surviving”.

Complacency and mediocrity for some of us just creeps in while for others desperation and frustration produce stress and depression. For the mediocre, our lives are full of procrastination and our performance is always mediocre or way below standard.

If you start to dream again, you can always start seeing the possibilities in every venture. Opportunities abound to enjoy your life

No matter what other people say, go for that college degree you missed on the way due to lack of proper career guidance in your life, take that exercise, walk, use that make up, style up with that hair do, dress up, take that computer lesson…or whatever is your pleasure. Feel good about yourself.

Dreams have to be backed by effort and determination in order to make them a reality. What makes others seem greater or more successful than you is the amount of determination, effort and enthusiasm they put into their endeavors.

Ensure that your full potential has been realized. It boosts morale greatly, making life worth living.

Enjoy your life...it is your life

Go for that bungee jumping trip you have been so afraid to do

Or boating or camping

whatever, go for it

It is your life

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