Eye Health

Eye health is not always given the most attention. The eye has a natural self cleansing and self healing mechanism which is complicated. The eye also is a delicate organ and a little infection causes a lot of discomfort.

The Eye is one of the most crucial parts of the body.

No wonder the wise say it is the door to our soul

This mini-site is dedicated to my best work friend and HR colleague-Seetie.

She had an eye operation recently which made me more conscious about holistic health.

Health is usually seen as health to major and delicate body parts like the heart, kidneys, brain.

But the eyes as long as they see and are not a bother, for most people they pass as not a high priority health item.

I am almost recommending that every body takes a career as an eye specialist.

Read about becoming an eye specialist in this article.

Job as An Ophthalmologist

By  Marketing Naukri 

Being a doctor is the most preferred and the respected job profile in the whole world. People are really conscious about their health, and are always looking for a better option to get themselves treated by a better doctor. Health and its problems are the major issues, concerning most of the people these days. Health is wealth, the most popular quote, is still the motto of many, and people are vigorously following this, by taking every measure to keep themselves fit and healthy and thereby creating more job opportunities in the health sector.

There are problems related to all the parts of the body, hence there are surgeons and doctors for all the body parts. Though, all the body parts are important and need to given due importance, but the most important body part, which needs to taken care of in the best possible way, is eyes. Eye is the most crucial part of the body, problems in which can lead to a black and white life. Doctors working for the betterment of eye and the problems related to eye are called opticians. The Job of a doctor id considered the most responsible and even at places, doctors are given the place of god and are worshipped, because they are the people after god, who save human's life.

The science related to the functioning and structure of eye is called ophthalmic optics, and the professionals working in this field are called optometrists or ophthalmologist. Students are very keen to do a job in the eye care, because of the fact; it gives them a chance to know the practicality of the problems related to human eye. For doing a job as an optician, student or a candidate needs to have degree in optometry, bachelors, masters, and higher degrees. Practical training or internship is very important in this sector, as a lot of lessons related to the practicality of the field is required to by understood by the people aiming to do job in this field. There are various colleges and organisations, across the country, which are imparting quality education to students in this field.

The job of an eye surgeon or an ophthalmologist corresponds to a lot responsibility and accuracy, because a single mistake can lead to lifetime hazards. Some of the job responsibilities of an eye doctor are:

1.) Doing a regular check- up of the eyes of his patients

2.) Check for the refractive or vision errors in the eyes of his patients

3.) Do a proper diagnosis for the problems related to eye, and suggest a good and healthy correcting measure

4.) Prescriptions or references to other doctors in case of surgeries are made by the doctors, to give a better service to their patients

5.) Eye doctors, should suggest, patients suffering problems like diabetes or high blood pressure to have their regular eye check- ups done, because these diseases can lead to eye problems

6.) The lenses or the glasses prescribed by the doctors, should be according to the patient's requirements and his health status, because in many cases, some products, can cause allergy to eyes, so eye products should be of high quality and checked with the doctor.

An eye doctor can practise his profession by opening his own clinic, with some other associate doctors and surgeon to help him or can work in some hospital or health agencies. Eye doctors can work both in the private as well as the government sectors. The need and demand of good eye surgeons and physicians have been increasing with the health problems in the country as well in the whole world. Moreover developments in the field are going on leading to na increase in the job openings of eye specialists are always there in and around the country, promising an excellent future for the candidates aiming for career in this field.

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