Forgiveness and Forgetting

Learn to be divine…forgiving and forgetting.

Forgetting a thing that has happened to you, or an issue, or a hurt is not the same as forgetting someone’s name. It goes deeper.

The thing happened at our emotional level and was allowed to be embedded into our subconscious mind because of the intensity of emotions and feelings that was associated with it.

Our memory is like the ground. When a thing is buried deep down in the ground, over time and over seasons it goes deeper and deeper into the ground. To extract it would take effort and time. But the decision to extract or dig it up would have to be influenced by our intention. What value do we place on this thing? If great then we go ahead and dig it up. If we do not dig it up, then it will be over time forgotten because it has been lost in the ground and become unimportant.

When an issue, or a hurt (physical or emotional) has been embedded into our subconscious mind, it our choice to let it be forgotten or not.

Forgetfulness is actually a good thing. It is a gift given us to help us enjoy our life here on earth. Those who do not have it, can recount the suffering of not being able to forget. Yet those of us, who the gift of forgetting is active, take it for granted or take it as a bad thing.

Imagine never ever being able to forget anything… how would your life be?

You cut yourself…memory stays forever way after the wound has healed.

You puck and the nausea stays with you forever…

Someone says hurtful things and you try to forget and you cannot. You smell some shit or sewerage and the memory stays with you forever…

Yeah, I am making it disgusting so we can see the point. Memory of nice things is also a burden.

That is why the mind is made in such a way that it buries issues, events, hurts, wonderful things, deep within it. It helps us retrieve what is necessary and buries everything else.

Now, the past can be brought back up to hurt again and again. Forgiving and forgetting is the only solution. The only way to ensure that the memory stays buried.

As for a mistake, forgetting it without learning from it is just a way of keeping it alive and easy to retrieve. Learn and grow from the lesson and let it go. Forgive yourself for having made the mistake and … that is it…let it go into its burial ground.

Forgetting is temporal and Forgiveness is permanent

Don't go shopping in your mind for old hurts and bad memories. Let them be. Forgive and Forget

Or wading in the mire of your sorrows that take you nowhere

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