Top Ten Jobs and Career Trends

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics lists the following as the top ten.

If you are in career transition you need this information on the major careers and trends in the job market today.

Use it to help you choose your career education wisely and effectively.

1. Computer Programmer

2. Day Care Provider

3. Elder Care Specialist

4. Employment Specialist

5. Environmental Engineer

6. Home Health Aide

7. Management Consultant

8. Networking Specialist

9. Physician's Assistant

10. Social Services Coordinator

Career coaching is not just for those about to graduate from high school. Even working adults looking for a career change , or choosing to advance their education, the whole process can be confusing. What is especially challenging for adults is to select a career path that matches up with their personal passions. The high school graduate has the Career Counselor at College Student Center but the adult has only themselves to look up for counseling.

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