Make the Change You Want

Make the change you want to become work for you. Become the leader or boss of your life.

Changing the current me into a desired me, is not easy. Deciding what needs changing is also not easy. Deciding when is another milling stone on my neck.

Why limit your goals to what you think you know? That is why even coaches require freedom life coaching. Find someone to help take you to the next level. Since I found out I did not like my life as it was, and the direction it was headed, I have a coach for all the life major aspects: health, spiritual, career, coaching (yes, even coaches need coaching), financial, investment any area like I said.

Pick one actual idea of who you want to be and stick with it for now. You can mold it as you go along. Many people, who set out to create life changes, skip this step, and that’s why their life plans either don’t lift off the ground or fail.

Then set out little doable steps for each area and start taking action. Plan out for a week before making a monthly plan. Make it simple like a shopping list or to do list. Check each time after you are done. Once you reach a milestone, celebrate a little, a big milestone; celebrate some more and so on.

This will make changing fun and your brain gets used to success and celebrating.

Look at how Bogue does it here

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Make the change

Do not limit your goals to what you think you know...use the sky as your vision board....limitless!!

Life coaching information provides you with insights that you may use for decision making in your life situation.

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Life coaching information provides you with insights that might give you the courage you thought you did not have to do that which you knew you could but did not

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