Mastering Yourself

Mastering yourself means knowing yourself well enough to correct any weaknesses or enhance your strengths.

People who fully understand how important it is to develop their skills and to know their strengths and weaknesses are better able to deal with their growth and development. Once you have known and developed your personal mastery you are able to listen to your inner self and maintain balance in your life. This practice results into a healthy, balanced and peaceful life.

Mastering yourself or Personal Mastery as most people prefer to call it, also enables you to manage your energy levels and minimize dependence on stimulants (be it coffee , tea, alcohol, drugs) to increase your energy levels.

Here are a few tips on how to master yourself:

1.Have a dream, a desire, a passion, a reason to live for. Then make a simple plan on how you are going to achieve your dream. Dream big, aspire high

2.Decision making-what happens to your life is based on your own value and belief system and the choices you have made based on these aspects

3.Following your decisions through- Goal achievement or how you define success. Decisions about our lives should be made by our own will. We have to know the weaknesses and strengths of our character. This would enable us to change how we think, feel and behave. Once you make a decision, what actions do you take to implement and see your dream through? Do you have a clear vision of what you want and what you will do to achieve it?

4.Learn to celebrate every success. Every step of the way there a little success points. Identify them and celebrate them

Benefits of mastering yourself are many such as the ability to take personal responsibility over your own life, ability to raise your self-awareness and self-acceptance and to eventually achieve Spiritual Awakening. It seems that all internal and external goals meet at Spiritual Awakening as the goal that everyone seems to be looking for. Since the beginning of human life, people seem to be in the quest for a divine union and enlightenment; a union of the physical reality and the spiritual ideal.

May all beings awaken

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