Menopause remedies

Menopause remedies are available in alternatives forms.

Although I am what doctors call post menopausal I still need remedies. The flashes still flash hotly day and night. I am yet to find menopause remedies for hot flashes. So I found this article and thought I'd share with you.

More and more women are turning to herbs and supplements instead of using hormone replacement therapy (HRT). The latter is known to cause breast cancer and other complications of estrogen dominance, while herbs are said to provide the same benefits as HRT without the harmful side effects. Helpful as these alternatives might be, it's important to approach menopause herbal remedies the same way you would approach a conventional medical treatment - with caution and diligence.

Here are some helpful hints you can take with you when you go shopping for your herbal remedies.

Cheaper is not always better with herbal treatments for menopause Although it might make more financial sense to go for the cheaper remedy, the saying "you get what you pay for" holds true for the supplement industry. It is difficult to examine the quality of every single herb that goes into a remedy, and many unscrupulous manufacturers capitalize on this fact by creating poor quality supplements.

There are many products out there that do not contain the herbs they claim to; a recent test on 54 ginseng remedies discovered that 25% of them did not contain the smallest trace of the herb! While some cheap herbal remedies might hold true to the claims on the label, there might be more fillers and extenders in a capsule than the active ingredients of the herb.

Finally, cheap supplements are less likely to have undergone the standards for safety and quality. Poorly-made remedies have been found to contain traces of heavy metals and other harmful contaminants.

Examine the ingredients on the herbs packaging

One way to know if you're getting what you're paying for is to look at the ingredients label. The Food and Drug Administration classifies supplements as "food", meaning manufacturers are obligated to list down the ingredients in every supplement. Check the ingredients list for the herbal extracts it claims to have. Avoid those diluted with substances like cornstarch and lactose, or preserved with chemical preservatives like BHT.

Buy from a trusted herbal remedy source

Just as you wouldn't buy a car from a manufacturer you don't trust, so should you avoid menopause remedies from a store with a shady reputation. Always buy your supplements from a trusted source.

Exactly who are these trusted sources?

1. A well-known manufacturer with years of experience. Look at the company website and find out how long they've been developing their products. Manufacturers who have been on the market for years have more than likely blended their remedies into perfection and have a loyal customer base that swears by their products.

2. An expert on the field. Supplements for menopause should be made by an expert on the field, who has had experience treating symptoms and who can blend herbs perfectly to provide maximum benefits for your body.

3. Backed up by science. Don't just rely on testimonials. Look for studies that prove the efficacy and safety of the product. A trusted manufacturer invests time and money to show their customer base that the products really work.

4. A certified supplement. Check the website or the bottle to see if they are certified by a regulatory body. This guarantees the safety of the ingredients and strict manufacturing standards. It's easy to get tempted to buy a supplement based on the cheap price or hype and advertising, so be cautious and critical when shopping for your supplements. After all, your body deserves nothing but the best. Taking herbal remedies for menopause is definitely worth doing as long as you get a quality product.

Karen Hamilton is an advisor on a variety of women's health topics. She has a Masters Degree in Transitional Psychology, as well as education in a number of complementary therapies. After her own suffering with serious hormonal symptoms and her success at overcoming them through naturopathic medicine, she is now living completely HRT free. Along her journey, she uncovered natural ways that are essential to eliminate severe discomfort associated with menopause. Now there is nothing she enjoys more than helping others get the same relief.

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Article Source: A. Hamilton

When I shop for vegetables and fruits(which are very good remedies and also very therapeutic) I ensure that they are fresh

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