Things to do When on Retirement

When on retirement do some things that are either too scary or too audacious.

Some of the Things I will do when on Retirement

I am contemplating becoming a space tourist when I retire later this year. I will also build more online businesses so that I can vacation more and longer. I dont' know about you. What are your plans?

Other things include taking nature walks, boating,


mountain climbing and maybe bungee jumping

see me here I have just finished assembling my tent

Things You Can Do When You're Retired

by Jennifer Quilter

When making plans for retirement it's easy to focus on saving enough to do so and simply dream of life without work. However to really know how much money you need to save, and to avoid ending up unsure of what to really do with yourself, you need to consider the things you can when you're retired and make a plan for yourself. This isn't to say that your plans won't change once you get to that point, but having some ideas of how you want to spend the last stretch of your life is an essential part of any retirement plan.

What is it you don't have time to do now? This is the first question you should ask yourself when trying to make a list of possibilities.

Traveling is usually high up on many peoples lists. It's hard to take long trips and really enjoy the world when you're busy working a job, having a family, and living your everyday life. Once you quit your job for good you can go out and see the world. Where do you want to go, what trips do you want to take? Make this a part of your plans.

Is there an interest you had when you were younger but gave up because of a lack of time? What a great time this is to pick up those things. A lot of people ignore this because they believe they've gotten too old, but your life is far from over and you need to do new and exciting things to live your life and enjoy this time. So, start writing that novel, painting, sewing, or developing your golf swing.

While it's important to be doing new and exciting things, you also want to think about working in some sense of routine by setting up game nights with friends or taking classes. When you're used to going to work five days a week the sudden freedom can be overwhelming and you can be unsure what to do with yourself, setting up some routine can give you direction.

Learn more about retirement savings options so that you can reach these goals, like what the IRA and 401k maximum contribution limits are, what your account balance goals should be, and look at Roth vs Traditional IRA plans.

Article Source: Jennifer Quilter

Or take a merry go round visiting famous and big cities of the world

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