Personal transformation

Personal Transformation and Personal spiritual awakening, are not one and the same thing.

To transform means to change. From a spiritual perspective however, it means going through a mind-body-spirit expansion and consciousness and gaining a higher understanding of nature and the universe.

The transformation that a person undergoes upon spiritual process of awakening depends on how they see and understand divinity and spiritual issues. Not all of these personal transformations happens to everybody who has experienced enlightenment.

Enlightenment or awakefulness is not like an academic qualification. It is a result of the process of tranformation.

There are a number of benefits that you can get out of personal transformation and spiritual awakening for example a more a balanced life that is peaceful which may lead you to a happy and fulfilled life. Other benefits are that your physical and spiritual senses are awakened and become clearer. Colors appear more vivid and hearing also becomes sharper than before.

You know things with a new level of knowing now that all your senses are alert and heightened.

Meditation is said to help quicken the transformation process. It assists in focusing and reaching the one-pointedness that is required as an environment for transformation.

The Centering prayer has also been used for many years by spiritual seekers wishing to experience awakening.

May all beings awaken

Including Mr/Mrs Crocodile here. hope It will not eat me at night at my campsite

Or on the other hand, I hope we will not disturb its peaceful rest now that we are the ones interfering with its camping site

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