Planning to retire

I am planning to retire later this year.

Remember those dreams we had when we were younger?

One of mine was to retire at 30. Now I am 50 something and I am still on my day job. But this is the year that I have finally decided I am retiring.

But what is retiring if I am just making a transition to another job?

The joy of retiring is that I will transition to a job I love and it will no longer be work but play and fun. My business, my very own and from a location of my choice.

Browne has some solid tips here. let's sit back on our beach chairs and listen to him.

Averagely, people work for 50% of their lives and do as much as they can during their earning years. Once they reach a certain age, they consider the option of retiring and live a life they always dreamed of. Few desire to leave the city and head towards the beach where they can settle down with their spouses. Others decide to travel the world and be a part of the sights and sounds of the world. Irrespective of one's decision, these tasks would be incomplete to accomplish if they do not have a well balanced post retirement plan.

The world as we know it today is a bustling atmosphere where there are firms being set up in the marketplace all offering their services towards helping working individuals set up their retirement plans.

They offer a varied option of free retirement planning options where they claim to help individuals live the life they always desired when they retire. However, it must be noted that not all free retirement planning options are 'free' in the long run. There are instances where people have been swindled into believing the authenticity of a free plan where in actuality they have been defrauded off of their hard earned money.

Many a times, individuals end up paying more towards the development of their retirement scheme before they can even see any sign of benefits. It is therefore imperative, that people, who consider opting for free retirement planning, seek the aid of a well established firm that offers authentic schemes for their clients.

Finding a reliable and trustworthy firm can be done by simply reading a few reviews left by other people that have been satisfied with the services provided by their firm. In ultimatum, whichever retirement plan which one may opt for, it is highly recommended that they read the fine print carefully of their prospectus so as to not be deceived into believing what is not stated in their terms and conditions.

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