Purpose, Vision and Goals

What is your purpose, vision or what are your goals?

Do not grope around thinking you have a life. Go and purposively find out the reason you are on this planet. Once you do that, go do it lovingly and happily.

Soar above everybody else.

Shine and do not be modest about it.

It is your dream and your life

Each of us has specific talents and gifts that are uniquely encoded within our DNA. As we go through life, we pick things or discover we are good at certain things coz that is what we came here to planet earth to achieve.

We don’t figure out how the lungs or ears operate, then by our will make them to perform but they all come wired up and ready to operate.

Much like a seed. A tree lies in that seed until it gets the right ingredients that make it germinate and grow into whatever species it was meant to grow. No apple seed grows into a mango. If we cross breed them, we still do not get a mango or apple but a different tree; mango-apple or apple-mango.

From these talents and gifts, we are able to define and determine our definite purpose or the reason why we are here. Why we exist. We are all so uniquely special and different and your talents and gift are what is your unique print or signature.

You need therefore to take time to self explore and find out what that talent or gift is and then bring it out and let your signature be seen and enjoyed by the rest of the world as you enjoy their signatures.

What are you good at? What do you find that you really love to do?

Not what parents, teachers or friends tell you but what your heart tells you. What do your inner and higher self tell you?

Our purpose in this world is to do that which we love to do. So find it and do it.

Do not hide your talent in the sand/ground like the proverbial ostrich hoping for it to develop on its own.

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