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Planning Ahead

Thinking ahead only hurts at the initial stage because it is involving emotionally (having to psyche yourself to start and the courage involved), physically and sometimes financially.

For any plan to succeed there must be a fall back- position, providing options if things do not go as planned. The current environment is tough even for big companies and it is tougher for start-ups.

We are all familiar with the generation that worked for one employer all their lives and retired after more than 30 years of service to a well deserved rest and with a pension (do not think about the amount). This scenario should be no more.

Internet has made millionaires with online businesses, maybe it is time to look in that direction instead of waiting for a pension.

We should not wait until employers send us retirement warning letters a year before retiring, but should plan for what we will do to occupy ourselves during retirement, way before retirement.

Age 30 – 35 is the best time to start planning if no regrets are to be experienced at age 50 and above. Thinking ahead will help one lead an interesting and rewarding life after retirement. This means planning the finances as well as the time. Time Management is especially vital since industry runs strictly on time.

It is therefore important to plan what we will do with the extra time we will find ourselves with.

Do we intend to sleep or travel or ...

Or just dare enough and go learn a new skill

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