How useful ia an action plan?

Many times in life we find something we like to do but along the way the steam is just not there. We abandon great dreams that would have made us successful and maybe even famous.

Life coaches come in handy at such times to keep us on track and focused on it until we succeed.

Follow these simple steps for creating an effective action plan. They will keep you focused to your goal and for sure you will nail it!

These 6 Questions will guide you towards coming up with a great action plan:

1. What is your topic/issue of your action plan?

To learn a new skill? Start a business (online, from home, a joint venture), what do you want?

2. What is your goal?

What do you want to achieve? Why? Put it clearly. Dream big. Do not listen to your automatic negative responses and thoughts. Just let go and feel free to desire and to dream.

3. What is your reality?

Put it in words.

Identify al the steps you need to complete your goal from start to end. Record accurately how many steps you have completed so far and what steps need to be completed. It must be factual, including your skills and capabilities which you can use to achieve your goal and include your feelings towards the goal, happiness, joyfulness, gratitude.

4. What are the current obstacles?

Be as honest as possible. We all have obstacles and hardships. Maybe others more than others but we all have them.

What is or may stand in your way of fully achieving you goal? Is it fear of doing or fear of the results? Or inner beliefs and those inner voices from childhood or other life experiences that limit what you believe you can do and be and achieve. Or is it just obstacles caused by other people or by environment or by resources…list them all

5. What are your options?

Do you have a way of dealing with or overcoming the obstacles? Think of how you are going to approve and resolve the problems in your life. Face up to them, tackle them or find ways around them.

Think creatively and innovatively, safe is never creative and yet risk is sometimes reckless

6. What is the way forward from here?

Now you have an action plan, it is clearly defined; it is timed and realistic and can be completed in a short time period. This can take you from your starting point to your goal and it shows you how you will achieve that goal.

Now go implement it. Take action. Stay motivated enough to follow through with your action and actually do it.

If your fear returns engage a life coach to keep you focused and on it.

Staying focused can be a team effort too

Enlist the support of family or like minded friends to keep you focused.

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