The 7 Point Process

This contemplative 7 point process can be done quietly alone or in a group. It stills the mind and increases concentration for the best quiet time of your life.

This InterSpiritual contemplative process by Ed Bastian pulls together key components of spiritual practices shared by many religions. It is done quietly, alone or in a group with the sound of a bell leading from one stage to the next. The seven points in the process are as follows:

1.May I be healed- here one puts out an intention confidently of healing (Physically, Mentally and Spiritually) for self and others.

2.May I be Grateful- being grateful for factors and people in our lives that have given us meaning, comfort, happiness, peace and sustainability.

3.May I be Transformed –being honest about the present condition, inadequacies, and ways to improve, renouncing attachment and forging self and others.

4.May I be Loving and Compassionate- being open to universal love, being compassionate toward all beings including oneself.

5.May I be Centered and Mindful Through Breathing- actualizing our motivation and intention by concentrating on the breathing, calm, gentle, steady and focused breathing, opening to universal love, healing and wisdom, following the breathe throughout the body into the heart center and there uniting intuitively with the Divine in all beings.

6.May I Meditate Deeply- using ones practice or the breathe, being mindful of any distractions such as thoughts, feelings, emotions, and whenever they arise, to consciously return to your breathing.

7.May I Bring Meditative Peace, Compassion and Wisdom into the World- vowing to be committed to alleviating suffering and achieving sustainable love, peace and happiness in the world.

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