There is no SECRET

sssh... the secret is...

There is no secret out there, you have it all already.

It just takes self exploration and a pinch of discipline and ...your wish ...your command.

It was 2003, the year I finally decided my life stunk and it needed sprucing up. I did not like the way my emotions handled me or the way my thoughts ruled my life. Or the way my feelings twisted me into decisions I always regretted.

What I did not have was a system to harness all these energies to work together for me towards a successful life. But deep down somewhere within me I had this knowing that there was a way, there was a system. How did the people I termed as successful do it?

The few times I had experienced success at my level what is it I had done and how had I done so I could duplicate and enjoy success consistently? You know... like a good well tested recipe.

I had to find out

How, I did not yet know nor did I know yet where to start.

Fortunately I had discovered the internet in 1999 but it was not until 2001 that I overcame technophobia and opened an email account. It was then that I discovered that I could find any information I wanted by just typing in a word at a certain box. By then I did not even know let alone understand the power of the Search Engines.

So I started small. Search emotions, search personality, search feelings, search thoughts and thinking styles, learning styles, success.

By and by I built a library of information and also found people online who were willing to help with free bits of information.

By 2005 I had found out great motivational speakers like the late Jim Rohn, Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, Zig Zaglar and many others.

By the time the movie The Secret was being released in 2006, I was already on some of their mailing lists. I got the movie and watched it several times.

Shock, more shock and disappointment. Why? There was no secret!!

The very things I had been battling with were the very things they were talking about.

Listen carefully from here.

But there was a system, there was a way. And the way was in those very areas I counted as problematic.

•Your thoughts

•Your emotions

•Your feelings

•Your actions

It is how we use them that is the secret

Wanna find out more… go to How to Use the Secret and Law of Attraction page on our website and gather a few tips

It took me a year of being in a Master Mind group with Bob Proctor to understand and put it all together for my life situation. I am a work-in-progress.

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