7 Tips for an Organized Life

Here are 7 Great Tips for an Organized Life. They are great tips to becoming organized

Everything we create first comes from that place of desire. If we follow that desire with imagination then it becomes translated, created and organized

1. Find out what you can offer to other people; a talent, time, resources, a skill

2. Have knowledge, experience and imagination (or education, ability) in that particular area

3. Ally yourself with a mastermind group

4. Before forming your mastermind group, decide what advantages and benefits you will offer them

5. Decide on the frequency of the meetings. Meet regularly. Twice a week if possible

6. Maintain perfect harmony. Work towards the same goal all of you

7. Have a faultless plan (our website has lots of information on this topic on doing action plans)

You will soar high by allying yourself with friendly and supportive people

5 Steps that Lead to Persistence

Do all you do in a great and creative way.

Persistence is a state of mind. It can be developed because it is based on definite causes.

If your plan does not work, change it. Don’t change your dream or desire, rather change the plan.

This is what persistence towards achieving your desire is all about

1. A definite purpose backed by burning desire for its fulfillment. Know what you want. Dream so big it burns you and increases your will power

2. Have accurate knowledge about your desire

3. Create a definite plan, with a clear action /activity plan

4. Develop the habit of a mind closed tightly against all negative and discouraging influences

5. A friendly alliance with one or more persons who will encourage you to follow through with both purpose and plan.

You need to be a cooperative person to get people to cooperate with you

You also need to have clear goals. Put them in black and white so that they are clear to all who are supporting you

To your success !!

Your clear goals should be in black and white like zebra stripes so that they are clear

Ally yourself with friendly people who are like minded who will encourage you to follow through with both your purpose and your plan.

Go for it

You know you can

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