Using the Secret

Using the secret described on this page effectively can make your life such a success. It is so amazingly simple but not simplistic.

I keep telling everyone willing to listen to me…there is no secret

But here are a few tips you might wanna use just to convince yourself there is a secret.

Well before the tips… first know what you want exactly and clearly. How hard is that?

Who does not have desires, wants; you know, anything you have ever wished for.

For starters, you know, kinda like experimenting, start with something small that you can belief when it happens. Then build a list of successes so it is easier and easier every day to make your wishes come true. Keep a record of your successes.

Actually, it is so that your logical reasoning mind can start tuning to your creative happy go lucky mind.

I waana dive...

Please, what look is that you are giving me

I am not wacko I swear

If you are still so left brained and so into proving it scientifically, go ahead and do it. And you will come up with the same steps.

Go read Lynne McTaggart’s book “The Intention Experiment” or go to her website and register for an intention experiment.

Or you could also go to Dean Radin’s site and see what he does for a living. Is that enough convincing… What now…

okay, go to Institute of Noetic Sciences and see the profile of people there and see if they are wackos. Including Edgar Mitchell our famous astronaut.

Good, now you are with me. And now you have graduated into being right brained…No... balanced brain.

We need to be able to use both our brains to reach our highest potential.

Stories about your mind later


• Choose your wish and be careful what you wish for

• Write it down so clearly; put in all details of colour, smell, taste, size, or whatever description is fit for it. Do not put a monetary value. This only limits your wish

• Choose to do this on a day when you are feeling real good, real happy, you are in very high spirits, right mood

• Choose a quiet place where you will not be disturbed

• While in your happy mood, think about your wish, see it again in every detail, just like you do when you are day dreaming

• Now see it as already done, completed, gift arrived

• See yourself opening your gift, or whatever circumstances when your gift is with you. Remember the touch, feel it, the smell, the taste, who is with you, where are you, the sounds

• You must belief this or you will nullify your wish

• Now let it go with gratitude

• Exercise a knowing that it is true. It will become or come to you

• Let the thought, wish or desire go

• Go back to your life to whatever it is you had planned for the day.

• Watch the next 3 days or so for indications of your wish coming true. No anxiety, just observing

• Of course, be grateful again when your wish comes true

• Try again and again and express gratitude every time your wish comes true

About the above steps, again if you consult Spiritual teachers like Deepak Chopra, Davidji, Jose Silva (he is late), Vish of Mind, Eckhart Tolle and others you will come up with more or less the same steps.

If you go further and check out the Desert Fathers and Mothers, and Shamans, you will find almost the same steps.

So how well kept is the secret?

Through spiritual-path?

Through meditation? 

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