Vitamins and Health

Vitamins are very important nutrients to our health. Vitamin D especially plays a major part in the immune system.

In my circle of friends and colleagues I am known for being very conscious about what I eat or drink. I am not quite a health freak but I am a healthy eater. I am especially concerned about vitamins and calories such that I skip my lunch and eat a fruit or two instead when I can't get a fruit salad with more varieties. And instead of indoor gym exercises I prefer to walk. 10-15 minutes earlier in the day before the sun is too hot and again in the late afternoons before it goes away.

A Little History of Vitamin D
Exposure of the skin to the rays of the Sun (specifically the Ultraviolet), stimulates the body to produce vitamin D. The body is unable on its own to make vitamin D, which until recent years, was not a widely known fact.

Vitamin D has been introduced into human diets in recent times through vitamin enriched milk and nutritional supplements.

Vitamin D defficiency in children causes diseases such as rickets.

Take long walks during summer to get more of vitamin D into your body and to raise your immunity.

Here is to vitamin D for a healthy life:

Key to Good Health

By Anny

Vitamin D is a very important nutrient, because of the key role it plays in the body. The most obvious, well known of these is that it helps to control the usage of calcium in the body. However, it also plays a major part in the immune system, even helping to keep such diseases as the flu at bay. Without it, these two would be enough to destroy the health of anyone.

The immune system is important in every person. Vitamin D is important to it, because it is key to the production of several different infection killing cell types. These cells travel throughout the body, killing everything from bacteria to cells that have become infected with all kinds of germs. In fact, that's why flu season is in the winter ? we don't make enough of it then, because the sun hits at the wrong angle to help us make our own supplies.

Of course, it is also important for strengthening bones. That's because vitamin D is the central control to regulating calcium absorption into the bones and throughout the bloodstream. Effectively, it decides whether there is enough calcium going to the bones or not. It even controls how much comes back out of the skeleton.

With such important things under vitamin D's control, it is no wonder that so many people are concerned with whether or not they are getting enough of it in their diets. The body can make some of what it needs, but only if one gets enough sunlight for production. Since this is impossible in the winter, taking a supplement during those months is a good idea.

If you are black, or multi-racial 20-30 minutes will get you enough vitmin D to last you for a day or 2. If you are white,or light skinned, 10-15 minutes will do and if you wish to increase it then a good sunscreen will be advisable to protect you from over exposure as you extend your time out in the sun.

Repeated and over exposure to the sun increases the chance of premature aging of the skin, while chronic sunburn can cause cancer.

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