Website Basics

Learn Website basics and you could actually build a business empire for yourself within a period of less than a year. However do not start without building a clear plan of what you want your site to achieve.

Your goal should be to find a subject, product or theme that you really know much about and like and that you think would have some appeal for others. Your desires, dreams and passion will make creating a website fun and easy.

Read widely on your topic, on the requirements, costs, legal and ethical issues before making decisions.

It took me more than a year of research before I finally decided. And when I did, although I had enough information and some basic skills, I still needed a professional to hand hold me all the way.

So I choose They do not help you build a website they help you build a business empire. Go to their site and see for yourself.

And now for the basics I promised: There are two things you absolutely must have to build a website:

1) A domain name (

2) A web host helps you in all these and the best part…they also host it. Build your business empire with right here

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