Weight Loss

Effective weight loss is about positive attitude, discipline, adopting healthful eating habits and regular exercise. Integrating healthful eating habits with regular exercise is important for overall health as well as for losing and maintaining weight. Some of us maybe over exercising. Do what feels right for you without under doing it.

Briskly walking for half an hour or other aerobic activities of your choice three times weekly can help the body use up calories consumed daily as well as shed off excess calories stored as fat.

I personally walk briskly for 10 ten minutes in the morning and for 25 minutes in the evening. Before walking I meditate for 15 minutes to see and feel the body I am putting an intent for then in the evening before falling asleep I meditate again in gratitude for the body and shape I now have. it works for me.

Some people are more prone to weight gain than others, quit comparing yourself with others, set your own realistic goals.

Spiritual health advisors say that the amount of food (with all varieties included) that is enough for you is that which fits into your cupped hands (put your hands together to receive something...that space in between, right!) I am sure a king size burger would be too big for it.

Intentional weight loss( not crash dieting or fasting) refers to the loss of total body mass in an effort to improve health and fitness and to look and feel good.

Who needs weight loss? Anyone not satisfied with their current body weight.

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