You Don't Need a Job

You need a Job? No you don't need a job.

Let me show you a few reasons why you don't need a job if you love a freedom filled lifestyle

Do you believe in the hype of you don't need a job?

Its no hype at all

Give me a few minutes to sing and dance for you a freedom song. It is titled

"You Don't Need a Job"

Horse Freedom Dance

Let's dance to the Freedom Song

In life we set off one direction dreaming of a top notch job, and the lifestyle it brings…but we end another.

I always wanted to be a journalist coz I saw them flying all over the world to collect the hottest news. But then I grew up and realized they were working for someone else and were only flying to destinations they were sent to and to do the task not holidaying. It was still a job.

So I took teaching instead. But it was still a job. I wanted my freedom to do and be whatever I wanted wherever.

I badly wanted my 4 freedoms:



3.Financial and

4.Inner Freedom

What I ended up with was like slavery.

Trading my time, effort and talent for money never led to financial freedom, without it there is no Inner freedom and definitely not time or location freedom.

When you have a job, you typically are told what to do. Someone at one point or another wrote the call script for your life, and all you have to do is follow along until the clock hits 4.30, and then it’s happy hour.

Did you know that we didn’t always have jobs? Seth Godin likes to bring up this little fact in his Linchpin sessions: at the first factories they literally had men pushing carts of gin back and forth on the factory floor. People were so unaccustomed to working for hours straight that their owners had to keep them drunk all day in order to keep them happy enough to continue to do a good day’s work.

In his article "27 Reasons Why You Should Never Have a Job" Everett Bogue of "" says that, Being self-employed isn’t easy, but it is rewarding.

Gradually we’ve trained a workforce that’s a little more into the idea of working long hours, so the gin carts are now mostly unnecessary –though I’ve known plenty of colleagues who kept bottles of whiskey in their desk drawers just to stay sane when they had to stay late".

Here are his 27 reasons. You can read the details at his blog.

1. Financial security

2. Diversified income streams

3. Contribute value to your legacy

4. Live anywhere

5. Unlimited vacation

6. Choose your own path

7. Flexible schedule

8. Avoid reactionary workflow

9. You don’t have to conform to other people’s expectations

10. Making money in your sleep

11. Freedom to be a leader

13. Surround yourself with people you care about

14. Sleep whenever you want

15. The ultimate ROWE environment

16. Work on projects which will change the world

17. You only have to make yourself (and maybe your significant other) happy

18. Prepare your own food

19. No waiting for retirement

20. Time to focus on the important

21. Cool people don’t have jobs anymore

22. Work from wherever you want

23. Working for yourself is the best way to approach work in a recession

24. Showers in the middle of the day

25. Multiple paydays

26. You don’t have to sit at a desk under fluorescent lights all day

27. Uncertainty keeps you on your toes.

Still need a job? I doubt it

I want the money so that I can rest or travel whenever and wherever and with whoever I want to

And while camping, share my breakfast with the birds

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