Your Wake Up Call

Your wake up call to a more fulfilling life and to live a truly successful life, need not be a death call.

It is time.It’s your call: Wake-up!

You need to start thinking of your life in a different way. That is if you are not very satisfied with your life as it is right now and the direction it is taking. If you continue the way you are going right now, you will forever remain unhappy and unfulfilled. The more you do things in a certain way the more you increase the chances of getting the same results.

Do you feel that it is time to fulfill your dream - whatever that may be? Live a life of passion, fun and joy? To live with an assuredness of knowing that you are living in the reason and purpose that brought you here on planet earth?

It is only by finding and fulfilling your own unique purpose in this life can you be living your life to the full.

Dream bigger dreams, taller than your current ones

What are the success indicators that tell us when we are in synch with our purpose and that other higher purpose?:

1. A dream, a passion, a talent that you are exploiting

2. If what you do as work starts to feel like play and it charges and turns you on; every day and especially every morning.

Sometimes you find you can’t even sleep peacefully, longing for morning so that you can wake up and go do that which you do. You feel so psyched

3. High levels of commitment at mental and emotional level and sincere and steadfast fixity of purpose to a specific action, or program.

4. Sincere readiness to receive assistance from Higher Sources, friends, colleagues, virtual sources and receiving it with sincere gratitude. The assistance may come like a simple impression, an idea, a dream, coincidence, intuition, and such.

5. Persistence, refusing to give up, even when faced with opposition or difficulty. Everybody telling you it will not work out and you insisting and pursuing it until you prove the naysayers wrong by making it work.

6. A certain feeling of joy of knowing all is well and you are on the right track

Here is to your success!!

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